Lacy braided ponytail

November 23, 2015

Lacy Braided Ponytail

I bet you didn’t know you could make lace out of your hair! These braids are so teeny and delicate, when pinned together they resemble lace. Such a dainty little ’do!


• Teasing brush

• 2 small plastic hair elastics

• 3 hairbands

• Bobbi pins

Lacy Braided Ponytail


1. Section the hair from the top of the head. (Note: slightly backcombed hair works best for this ’do.)

2. Separate three strands in the sectioned-off hair for the braid. Start your three-strand Dutch braid. (Dutch means the braid sits on top of the hair verses a French braid sits under. This is also known as an inside out braid. There’s a great video tutorial here.)

3. As you braid down your head, pull and add hair only from the section around your hairline. Tie off with a small plastic hair elastic and repeat on the other side.

4. Now for the boudoir bump! Depending on how much height you want at the crown of your head, you can backcomb more or just pull back and pin a boudoir bump right below the occipital bone.

5. Starting from the top of the braid, pull on the bottom and loosen up the braid section by section on each side of the head. (This is the part that makes the braids more lace-like and less stiff—be careful not to pull too hard and ruin the braids.)

6. Make two ponytails at the nape of the neck to make the ponytail appear thicker.

7. Take both of the braids, cross over the top of the ponytails and pin on the sides and bottom depending on how much hair you have.

Lacy Braided Ponytail

Lacy Braided Ponytail

Hairstyle by Caysi Jean // Photography by Dawn Hoo

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