(Faux) Hanging Book Shelves

July 30, 2015

I think this is my favorite tutorial to-date from D&G’s build contributor, Machelle. I love the added embellishment of the pink rope. Unrelated to the actual tutorial, I’m also seriously loving the two-tone walls (genius!) and may or may not want to try that in my bedroom at some point!

(faux) hanging bookshelves - drifter and the gypsy blog
I thought a lot about what I wanted for shelving in my daughter’s room. I love the book ledges look and I definitely wanted a place for books to go and be on display but I also wanted some normal shelves for housing decorations: vases, knickknacks, prints, etc.

My solution was to combine the two-in-one shelving system with a regular shelf at the top with book ledges hanging down from them. However, having a one-year-old who pulls everything off of shelves and would soon be big enough to do that with these shelves, I knew they couldn’t really be hanging free. So these ledges were already attached to the wall and the rope is really just there for aesthetics! I love it!

(faux) hanging bookshelves - drifter and the gypsy blog
It’s the perfect solution I was looking for. I didn’t build any of the shelves myself which made for a much easier project! There are tons of tutorials available out there for making these kind of book/picture ledges but my rule for DIY is if I can find the same thing for a decent price, I’m not going to make it from scratch. My homemade version would never look as good as these do and buying wood, paint, primer, sandpaper, tools, etc. would probably end up costing close to the same amount, plus, your time is worth money too! I think these were a great investment but feel free to make your own if that appeals to you.

(faux) hanging bookshelves - drifter and the gypsy blog

Picture ledges
Floating shelf
• Drill and ¼ bit
• Level
• Rope
• Acrylic paint in choice of color
• Pencil and ruler

(faux) hanging bookshelves - drifter and the gypsy blog

1. Begin by installing your selves according to the enclosed directions. I spaced mine about 12” apart on the wall. The ledges are slightly longer than the floating shelf so I took that into account when placing them so they’d all be centered.

2. Measure to the center of your ledges on the short end and then measure in about 1 ¾”. Make a mark.

3. Drill a hole through this mark. As soon as your feel your bit coming through the bottom, flip it over and drill in from that side. This will make it so the paint doesn’t chip off around the hole.

4. Do the same thing on the other end and on your other ledge/s.

5. Make a mark at the same location on both ends and the bottom your floating shelf. (Be sure you make the marks at the back of the shelf, not the front.)

6. Drill a hole here as well. Because this shelf is hollow, you will definitely want to drill in from the top and the bottom.

7. Hang on your wall.

(faux) hanging bookshelves - drifter and the gypsy blog
8. Cut two long pieces of rope, at least a foot longer than your shelving system, just to be sure. Tape one end tightly and do a big knot at the other end.

9. Guide the taped end through your shelf hole till it gets to the knot.

10. Guide it through the next ledge hole and then tie a knot underneath it. Do the same for remaining ledges.

11. Cut off excess rope.

12. I wanted pink rope and I really wanted the look of a painted rope rather than one I bought that way so I didn’t even search for pink rope. I simply chose a color of pink acrylic paint and painted all the visible rope. Do this step at the end for ease and to avoid paint getting rubbed off while guiding through the holes.

(faux) hanging bookshelves - drifter and the gypsy blog
(faux) hanging bookshelves - drifter and the gypsy blog
(faux) hanging bookshelves - drifter and the gypsy blog
(faux) hanging bookshelves - drifter and the gypsy blog
Machelle (Build Contributor)

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