Geometric Marbled Tumblers

January 8, 2015

marbled tumblers - drifter and the gypsy blog
I hope your 2015 is off to a great start, Drifter & the Gypsy readers! My first craft post for 2015 is to keep that marbling trend of 2014 going well into the new year! Today I’m going to show you how to make some sweet and stylish Geometric Marbled Tumblers. It’s a bit messy and takes a bit of patience to get the hang of it, but once you do, you’ll suddenly be marbling everything insight! So don’t blame me if your significant other gets annoyed when you marble all their kitchenware!


– 1 set of glass tumblers
– 1 plastic container
– Paper masking tape
– Nail polish in three similar colors
– Clear top coat polish
– Nail Polish Remover
– Cotton balls/cotton buds

marbled tumblers - drifter and the gypsy blog

1. Start with clean dry glass tumblers. Cut three strips of masking tape and stick onto your first glass in the shape of a triangle. If you are using tall tumblers you may want to use a ruler to mark out where your tape is going to go so that all the triangles are aligned. When you are happy with the shape and placement, firmly press down on the shape ensuring that the tape is secure.

2. Fill a plastic container with room temperature water. The container should be big enough to lie the tumbler on its side comfortably.

3. Choose three similar shades of nail polish to marble with, shake well and prep by removing the lid and brush and setting aside on a piece of paper. You will need to complete the next few steps as quickly as possible.

4. Slowly and carefully pour a small amount of nail polish onto the surface of the water – pouring from a low height from the surface. The polish should spread across the top of the water. (If a few drops sink to the bottom don’t worry). Immediately pour the next color onto the polish you just poured and repeat again with a third color. With each pour the polish will spread less and less as it gathers on the surface.

5. Take a toothpick and dip it into the water and polish and swirl around until the polish starts to marble and mix together. You will need to do this as soon as possible after pouring the nail polish as it will start to form into a skin and you will not be able to mix it if you are too slow. If you find it is setting too quickly try again with slightly warmer water.

6. Take your prepared glass and gently roll it across the surface of the water so that the polish adheres to the taped area. These steps may take a couple of practice runs so be patient!

7. Remove from the water and set aside to dry. Do not attempt to pat dry or else you will smudge the polish.

8. Once the polish is dry enough to touch you can gently lay a sheet of tissue onto the marbled area to soak up any droplets. If there are any corners that missed the marbling, you can paint on some color by hand using the lighter color polish. Finish the marbled area with a coat of clear top-coat.

9. Once dry, carefully remove the masking tape and using a cotton ball or cotton bud, remove any excess polish with nail polish remover.

10. Wash thoroughly before washing–but please remember to be gentle! These glasses may not stand up to dishwashing or rough sponges.

11. Repeat with the whole set of tumblers. You can do them all in matching colors or keep it fun with a whole rainbow of shades!

marbled tumblers - drifter and the gypsy blog
marbled tumblers - drifter and the gypsy blog
marbled tumblers - drifter and the gypsy blog
marbled tumblers - drifter and the gypsy blog
Dani (Craft contributor)

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