Oversized Poster Art

August 15, 2013

Hi there lovely Drifter & the Gypsy readers! Dani here for this month’s DIY.

This month’s DIY project is a little more digitally based than your regular craft project, so all you need is your computer and access to a printer that can print poster size.

oversized poster art - drifter and the gypsy blog

Don’t you just adore those oversized art posters you see in magazines? You know, those huge towering black and white images of cityscapes or woodland animals? Personally, I’ve wanted one in my home for ages, but whenever I come across them in store they always seem to have price tags that match their huge size. So, I thought why not take your own personal photos off of your desktop and get them onto your walls?

Most people aren’t going to have a printer that can produce a full poster sized image, but you can take you digital photos down to your local printer (like Kinko’s) and get them to blow up your pictures for you for only a few dollars!

Before you go jumping into your car to zoom off to the printers,  I want to show you how to get the best effect on  your poster. If you take a colour image and get it printed as is, you will find it ends up a little washed out and flat. With a few minutes in Photoshop (or an online alternative like ipiccy) you can really make your images pop!

oversized poster art - drifter and the gypsy blog

1. Start off by choosing the image you want to use. The only thing you need to worry about is making sure that  your image file hasn’t been resized. You want a large file so that you can print it as big as you want without losing resolution. Once you have chosen your file open it up in your photo editor.

2. Crop away any edges from your picture that you don’t want to be seen and then convert your file to black and white. In ipiccy you can do this by selecting the ‘black & white’ option and in Photoshop click the ‘create new fill or adjustment layer’ in your layer bar (as shown) and select black and white.

3. Now you have a nice black and white image, you want to up the contrast between the black and white colours to reduce the flat greyscale effect;

oversized poster art - drifter and the gypsy blog

a) In Photoshop you want to create 2 layer copies of your image and then from the drop down menu in your layer bar (as shown) change the layer effect to ‘Screen’ on one and ‘Soft Light’ on the other (ensuring the copies are on top of your original). If this washes out your image, adjust the opacity (using the Opacity slider bar on the left hand – as shown) down on each layer until you have a nice contrast between the black and white colours.

oversized poster art - drifter and the gypsy blog

b) In ipiccy all you need to do is select the ‘Level’s option and play with the sliders until you get a similar effect.

4. Save your image onto a disk or USB drive and pop into your local printers. Ask them to print your image at A1 or A0 size (depending on the file size of your image – the printing assistant should be able to advise you which size is best)

oversized poster art - drifter and the gypsy blog

The best part of printing your images this way, is that not only is it economical, it also makes a striking piece of feature art for your wall. I love the raw effect the inexpensive printing has when you get up close to the image, but the black and white appearance makes your regular images look like you bought them from a store!

Dani (DIY Craft contributor)

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