A Charming Chignon

July 3, 2013

a charming chignon - drifter and the gypsy blog

A chignon is a very versatile hairstyle, and can be styled ultra-sleek OR sexy and tussled. Use gel and brush the top layer smooth for a formal look, or skip the comb all together and style this do with only your fingers for a more natural touch!

a charming chignon - drifter and the gypsy blog

Step 1: Begin with hair that has been pre-curled. Any method of curling is fine, but I personally like to set my hair in a french-braid over night, still damp from a shower. I’m left with natural, radiant waves up to the roots, full of texture and body!

Step 2: Lift the top layer of hair at the crown of your head, just behind the bangs section of your hair, and give it some gentle backcombing. No need to damage the hair or go crazy, just gently brush it backwards with a fine-tooth comb to create a little extra body. (Optional: use a little hair spray underneath the top layer to provide all-day hold)

Step 3: Gather the hair to the nape of your neck, while gentle smoothing over the top layers with your fingers or comb. Experiment with which side you prefer to place the ponytail, but I think it’s best to have it opposite to the side you part your hair on. Be careful not to flatten the “bouffant” you’ve created in the last step, and check your work with a handheld mirror to see if the layers blend smoothly before preceding.

Step 4: Ball up the pony into a relaxed bun. Try not to flatten it or hold it against your head too tightly. Body is KEY, so it’s ok if small pieces hang down or if you need to loop the curls into each other if your hair is very long. Pin thin sections of the hair against your head, crossing the pins over each other as necessary for extra hold. Check with the mirror again.

Step 5: You’re pretty much done! A fun way to give it even more romance, is to add an accessory such as a flower or clip. Have fun with it!

Step 6: Yay! You are complete and extra fancy. Finish the look with a little light hairspray (if you like).

a charming chignon - drifter and the gypsy blog

Aya (DIY Hair Contributor)

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