Twisted Updo

October 4, 2012

Hi! I’m Emily from It Girl Rag Doll and I will be showing up here every month to give some tutorials on some fun and easy hairstyles! I started growing out my hair about 8 years ago mostly with the intentions to really play around with it and have fun with different styles, and now I am here to share the styles I have perfected with you fine readers!

To start off I am going to show you a style I have been doing a lot recently, it is perfect to get your hair off your neck without just being a top knot or a ponytail. I’m not really sure what to call it other than twisted updo, so without further ado… The Twisted Updo!

Start with your hair down, It doesn’t really matter what kind of condition it is in, I always think it is better with your hair a bit messy or unwashed, adds volume to it and a bit of texture.

diy, hair, tutorial, twisted updo, column, contributor

1. If you don’t already have a side part, bring a good chunk of at least just the front portion to your hair over to one side.

2.  Take that bit and twist it going up and over towards the back. Hold the twist against your head and push it forward a little to get a bit of a poof, stick a bobby pin in there.

3. Now on the other side do the same thing, twisting the hair, poofing it forward and pin in place.

4.  Now you have what already looks like a pretty cool do! If you so choose you can even leave it like this, just make sure your pins are tightly in place and the rest of your hair that is down is looking banging! Wow, two hair styles in one, aren’t you lucky!

5. With the remainder of your hair in the back, take it all in your hand, brush out a bit as needed so it is at least smooth on the bottom, as this is the part that will be showing. Start wrapping it around your hand and then rolling it upwards and towards your head.

6. Hold the rolled bun in place against the back of your head, now this is where you start sticking in bobby pins all willy nilly, as many as you need, the more the better. Try and hide them the best you can, it doesn’t have to look perfect, just has to stay in place. When you feel it’s secure, well then, your done!!

diy, hair, tutorial, twisted updo, column, contributor

Super simple right? It’s really just all about twisting it into place and then securing it with bobby pins. A bit of trial and error will have you figuring this one out in no time! It always comes out a bit different for me, but always looks like you put a lot more work and thought into it than ya actually did, I promise you compliments a plenty!

diy, hair, tutorial, twisted updo, column, contributor

Now go out there and try it! Let us know how it turns out, and don’t forget to head on back here next month for another hair style tutorial by yours truly!

graphics by amy moore for drifter & the gypsy

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  • Wow, this is simply gorgeous! Definitely going to try this out, and look out for these updates.

  • What a lovely new feature! This is such a lovely delicate updo.

  • ohh i really like the new features! i can’t wait to see the rest. thanks for sharing the awesome hair tutorial 🙂

  • So cute! And I’ll actually have a chance at getting this right. I can do twists, but I can never handle actually French braiding my hair! Too hard!

  • This is so pretty! Fabulous can’t wait to try. So excited for these tutorials!

  • This. Is. Awesome. Will be trying very soon.

  • This is such a cute simple up-do.
    I always do my hair with the two side twists, so I’m halfway there!

  • Fuck yes, this is dreamy! Totally gotta try it for work tonight!

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